匿名ユーザーの発言:: 10-15

11.Someone I miss: I guess I would have to say my dad. It was only after he died that I found out how little I really knew about him, and what a truly horrible daughter I was. And all of that makes me very sad.

12.The reason behind my last break-up: My “relationships” have all been such a mess. So blah.

13.What I did yesterday: Drove to Bookman’s and ended up buying Cowboy Bebop The Movie and 3-Iron. (Yay). And then I went and bought a backpack that I don’t actually want. (Boo). I also went to Hobby Lobby, which apparently isn’t open on Sundays. (Gas went byebye).

14.What my greatest achievements are: Staying alive. Other than that, I haven’t really achieved anything.

15.A description of the person I dislike the most: “Everyone.”

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